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Default MPI Wiring Ignition Diagram/Questions

Hi all,

I've been studying the mpi wiring diagrams. Both Haynes and the Rover circuit diagrams (you can find pdf of them online). They both show how the power is provided from the ignition switch. Bit confused as it shows more than what I've seen before position 1, 2 and crank normally in my laymans terms.

In Rover manual


In Haynes


Seems the powers double up on the Rover mpi ignition switch?
What are the following and when are they powered? I'm guessing the one with the dots and line connecting across shows where the power comes in and stays when the key is turned?


Also, just to clarify when is Aux powered?

I'm planning to use the loom for my honda build. Ripping out all the MEMs relay stuff.

Any recommendations on where I should take the Perm 12+, Switched 12+ for the Honda ECU? It seems like the MEMs relay is powered switched 12+ on fuse A4 and a perm live straight from the engine bay fuse box to the Mems relay which then feeds the ECU. Would I drop the 30amp fuse to something smaller for the Honda ecu?

Last question, is the wiring for the starter motor and alternator within the main body loom on an mpi or the engine loom?

Sorry if the questions come across basic and newbie, I dont usually do wiring all that well but trying to get stuck in properly this time round.

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