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Default 1.41 16v Corsa Engine?

Not sure where to post this but just wondering whether anyone has ever done a corsa engine conversion, corsa arent bad cars in terms of speed, so almost halving the weight of the car aint a bad idea
Its a tiny little engine perfect for a Mini so i shouldn't need body modifications?

Just working on one today and the idea poped up in me head, the 1.4 16v's produce 90bhp and the 1.8 16v produce 125bhp! 90bhp will do me but it might be a difficult sonversion as no-one seems to have done it before

Mad idea i know but any input will be gratefull
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If you look in the Vauxhall build section there's quite a few 1400 and 1600 conversions

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Dave Potter
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Haha, nice one!

On the other end of the scale there's the little 3 pot!
Like my daily driver, had it for three years now, do 60 miles round trips, five times a week. 50 to the gallon, get's thrashed quite hard and keeps coming back for more! It's never missed a beat (apart for the usual timing chain replacement).

Wonder if anybody's done one of these, would be a laugh!
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Send a message via MSN to knoxy

im sticking the x16xe small block motor out of a late corsa b in mine they are just like any other conversion.

as nudger has said look through the vaux pages plenty on there.
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