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Default Spammers/Hackers

Hi all

It looks again like the forum is being targeted by Spammers and possibly hackers again.

If you receive a Spam PM please report the sender and do not click on any links in the PM.

You may also get an email notification that you have a PM. If you do, do not click on the link in the email to go to view it as there is no guarantee that the email has not been spoofed and you maybe following a rogue address which may look like the forum log in page but is actually stealing your user name and password. Admins and Moderators need to be especially aware as their accounts are especially useful as they give access in to the forum to change/delete/post etc

If you have done so then log out, re-enter the site via a safe channel, see below, and change your password straight away.

Always navigate to this site via either a saved and known safe shortcut or via a search engine search.

It should go without saying but do not click on the link in any spam posts on the forum, again just report the post.

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