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Yeah I think he claims 180hp with them and breathing mods.

There is a forum thread about someone who fitted them and did a rolling road before and after, gained a little torque but no extra hp. They then fitted the dva dowels and got a 3hp gain lol

I've been told a remap is the key, I'm already running the '170' map but going to get a custom one done on the rollers soon. I can also see what happens with nos and might even dial it back some for reliability when on the gas.
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Hi Ed, apologies if I've missed it but what brakes are you running on this? Is it the normal MGF set up on the front? How are you finding they stop you? I'm asking as I've got a project starting, which will be on 14's, trying to find the most effective 'standard' brakes I can get.

Outstanding build btw, quality work done by yourself
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