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Yes Paul, it feels like a mini but the fiesta never did
I don't know why as it maybe the same under carriage,
I have a rule never to own any car that you need the key to open the boot!! Total idiot design!!
W,T,F W,T,F W,T,F, well I was Lent it coz I looked my pug 206 up, so my genius long term mate who's in a mental unit getting help said I could borrow it,
I was grateful, so down I go with a lift and get the keys off him, while in a secure unit he pulls a sock out of his skids and it's full of nescafa coffee sashays , I didn't know wether to take the sock cosh off of him but I did, I thought if the screws got me I would say that he forced me to and he's dangerous, lol !!! Got away with it lol
So go to car in bizzy part of Exeter , battery s dead,
Jump leads do there job,
The main thing was that I didn't have 1 of the main things you need to drive legally!!
Not proud of that!! So we are off on our 15 mile journey it's 7 pm and raining hard, the heap of SHIt
Has its lights glowing up and down and wipers are joining in the show, oops
We made it back to mine OK, I'm thinking "I'm to old for this" so my mate calls me asking if I'm OK?
I said yes thanks, then he said ( the ultimate don't work! Can you fix it for me as they are cheap on
E,bay, the KA is a heap lol bit like a mini ,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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