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Default Valuation on Suzuki swift Gti conversion

Hi all. Recently bought a conversion for the g13b Suzuki swift gti engine and now wondering what it's worth? Engine is bolted onto a home made subframe, I've recently just ordered (haven't arrived yet) a set of bike carbs on a inlet manifold for the g13b which cost me just over 500. There is a rad and some plumbing. Wiring and ECU. All the running gear ie shortened driveshafts, hubs, etc and a pair of metro 4 pot calipers. Exhaust manifold is bolted on, just needs the rest sorting. Also an alternator. Pretty much all there, just needs some minor bits like ignition coil and leads, new cam belt.

I bought it, bolted it in and now having second thoughts about this particular conversion as it's my daily/ work car.

I've not worked out how to post pictures since photobucket has gone.
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Last edited by Ppinno; 15-10-2017 at 04:45 PM. Reason: I have no idea how to use imgur, but here's a link for now
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Subframe: Home Made
CC: 1300
Make: Suzuki
ECU: Standard

G13B engines go for 150 upwards, ECU is worth 40 and the gearbox maybe 75. Frames go from 150 depending on the quality. So with everything else you have maybe 500. Carbs are cheap, it's the manifold thats maybe worth something.

Loads of people on here use them as daily's, only thing I'd do is use the Suzuki injection setup, it's easy to modify to work stand alone with a mini loom.
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