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Oh wow that was some years ago now Jeff. Good to hear you got it all fitted and on the road!
An expert is someone who tells you why you can't do something- Alec Issigonis
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Hello monkey
Myself and jeffwes, just got back from mini 60th on outskirts of bristol, and talked to a bloke about torque steer. We learned something very interesting.
He asked us what wheels and offset we ran? As alot of us do, replied 13" offset -7, which does horrible things including torque steer. He then said adding and LSD makes it totally undriveable! Putting wheels back to original settings, brings some normallity back according to this guy, who seemed very knowledgeable.
So there you have it. Depending on what wheels you run, affects the driveability of the car.
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Yeah, many of us with Rover 100 frames know this - trying to keep offset as near as possible to original, for the frame you're using, makes a huge difference.
I'm running a B16, my wheel offset is +48 (Rover 100 is +52), and don't feel like I need a LSD at all tbh.
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