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Thanks but I've got a spare Y21.
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Mark D
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Originally Posted by hebby View Post
Iím currently building a b18, mine has the LSD as standard in the gear box, I used the original wiring loom & asked vdm motor sports to convert it to a stand alone loom, this was a lot cheaper than buying a new loom & an ecu the stock power should be enough for me as I only want to use the car on the road. I bought a complete car ( 1997 civic 4 door hatch back £750.00 ) then stripped it, kept the clocks & now wish I had also kept the heater !
Interesting to hear what other people are saying in regards to the difference between a 1.6 to the 1.8, in time if I get board of the power it will be more reliable to modify the engine with bolt on bits like a turbo and still give me plenty of smiles, Iím using the clubman front, not sure how much space there will be up front for a turbo, maybe mount it where the rear subframe was. I wanted more power & more of an up to date engine thatís reliable & fun, an a series with a lot of bhp can be a pig to drive in traffic, this should be a breeze when complete, Iím down in Whitby if you want to take a look but itís far from running yet

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Longest running build on here Rich!!!
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Yes it probably is itís only a hobby after all, Iíve moved house 3 times, bought properties & sold them on, started & sold businesses started & finished relationships changed jobs several times all ways moving forward onto bigger & better things, the mini has always had work every year, some years more so than others. Last year lots of work has been done whilst I finish my degree, I shall soon by a clinical hypnotherapist, studying under a world recognised corse, this has taken two years to complete, my life style gives me enough time to study towards the life I want...the mini is always going to be a working progress & a learning curve for me, Iím no where near as skilled as some on here, Iím just skilled in other areas thatís more of challenge for me mentally, the mini will get built as time goes by, itís always been a marathon rather than a race for me.

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I have to say, from my experience, the B16 is fabulous in a Mini.
My car isn't that light, but it'll pootle round town, with enough torque at lower revs imho.
Give it the beans, pull through VTEC engagement, and it flies, with real exhilaration. No question, it's fun and very lively, although I am running the standard 4.4 final drive. Yes, you do have to drive it like a two-stroke to get the real hit, but don't discount the B16
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I’m currently in the process of converting from a stock b16a2 to a tuned b18cr so I’ll provide an update in the coming weeks hopefully
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just like to add something.
if you intend using the allspeed frame for the build, am i correct in saying that rob at allspeed mentioned his driveshafts will not work with the first generation b16a?
To do with first generation gearbox kicks the camber right out.
I only say this because my car is B16A2 from 1993 car, but have had major issues with the camber kicking out bad, and talking to rob, we thought i had a first generation gearbox, and he mentioned that the driveshafts will not work with that gearbox.
A quick phonecall to allspeed will confirm this.
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