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Default B16A1 vs B16A2 and Clutch info

Following a recent thread, I thought I'd copy some of the info to a sticky - thanks to CrewesMissileRob for most of this, plus some other things I've added !!
Original thread - http://www.16vminiclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10238

The a1 is cable clutch but it can be converted fairly easily (how to in honda section )

if using allspeed kit the halfshaft will need to be swapped for that from an a2 (if using another kit cannot comment ) the tripod drive and bearings in and the inner cv pot on the pasenger side (rhd car ) you will benefit from changing

the a1 uses the honda clocks to generate a ground pulse to the ecu every 4 turns of the speedo cable you need to replicate this on an a1 engine and ecu if not using honda clocks

the a2 has 10bhp more due to larger throttle body and a few other lil tweeks - cams may also be slightly different profiles (thanks Darren!)

if putting a1 into an allspeed frame you will have to mod the gearbox mount and swap the cam side mount for that from a type R or an a2 (including the section which bolts into the block ) to gain propper safe clearance between engine and frame

The Honda numbers for the B16a2 cambelt side bracket is:
Bracket x 1 - 11910P30000 - 66.28
Stud x 2 - 90041P01000 - 6.52 each
Nut x 2 - 9405012080 - 81p

the clutch plates are different so if replacing make sure you get the right one

the ecus are different too (think A1 is OBD0 and A2 is OBD1)

The a1 manifold has two holes for o2 sensors which 0bd0 ecu uses
The a2 manifold has one o2 sensor hole which the 0bd1 ecu uses
Doesnt really cause any issues other than the a2 os sensor position can cause problems fitting into certain frames

the hydro conversion gives a beautiful clutch without costing the earth !
Can use willwood .625 master modded to take std mini push rod connected to willwood slave cylinder,
Or use the standard honda slave with an AP 14mm master (CP2623-88PRT115) about 100ish
Or use honda master and slave http://www.16vminiclub.com/forums/vi...ghlight=clutch
Or finally, Duck used the cable clutch setup, his site ( www.duckmanton.net has some info on this here, as well as some info on the a1/a2 mounts - http://duckmanton.net/enginein.php

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