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Default Faq- please read before posting - who produces frames

Who does VTEC conversion subframes :

Seven frames are available, the first five will fit standard round nose

Mini track & Suspension setup & will fit standard round nose

1) Allspeed - www.allspeedengineering.com
2) Ringmini.de www.ringmini.de (LHD due to rack issues)
3) American Frames - Brian Campbell
4) American Frames - S Alexander[banned from forum due to abuse] (LHD only)
5) American Frames - Minitec http://www.superfastminis.com/

Frames 5b to 7 require lengthen fronts or Clubman front

Mini track & Suspension setup

5b) American Frames - Minitec old frame http://www.superfastminis.com/

Metro Track/Brakes & supsension

6) Watsons http://www.watsonsrally.co.uk
7) P&L http://www.plmini.co.uk

Metro Track & mini brakes

8 ) SAE http://www.saeminivtec.co.uk

Work in Progress Frames

AMT No Longer producing frames. Please do not contact them.
Streetfighter (work in progress)
Ask Restorations Vtec frame (work in progress) phone 01955 641450

Below are some details of completed frames:-

1) Allspeed (Mini Brakes/Supsension and track & standard round nose)
2) Ringmini (Mini brakes/supsension and track & standard round nose) LHD only[rack issues]
3) Brian Campbell (Mini Brakes/Supsension and track & Standard round nose)
4) Mintec (mini wheel stud pattern, mini track, mini brakes)
5)Watsons (k series wheels or 100 PCD stud pattern large selection, wider track but better K series suspsension)
6) 6) P & L Minis (k series wheels on front and mini on back? and the engine mounts only allows for certain b16 engines eg. 96 CRX, you need to check with P & L over this before buying your engine/frame)
7) SAE (mini wheel stud pattern/brakes/suspension; if standard inlet used, bulkhead needs cutting, K series track)
8 ) S Alexander (Mini Brakes/Supsension and track & Standard round nose) LHD only[rack issues]

Allspeeds frame, Ringmini, S Alexander and Brian Campbells frame keep the same track. They all fit into LHD standard round nose front, Allspeed will also fit RHD but will require a revised exhaust manifold to fit into standard round nose. There will be issues with the inlet manifold clearance and alternator on both BC and Allspeeds frame. Ringmini & Brian Campbells and S Alexander also has issues with the Diff housing hitting the steering rack for RHD. For standard round nose, you will need custom radiators.

Number 5, 6 & 7 on the list above are based around the k series frame and therefore increase the track of the vehicle. As a result you will have to be careful with wheel selection to ensure they fit under sportspack arches(see other discussions on this point).

The normal rear subframe can be used with any of the above, but spacers(not in the normal sense of spacers) have to be fitted - slightly different depending on 5,6 or 7 above, they are however supplied as part of the kit.

Any other questions please make a separate posting and we will try to help


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