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Mini Vlatko
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Originally Posted by miniswift View Post
You want to take out input shaft and crown wheel off GS gearbox and fit it into your Gti gearbox. Gti gearbox is close ratio 3-5th gears so you will keep in torque band each time you change gears. it is very easy to do. I thought 3.78:1 from G13A gearbox will be better which I have for my 13" wheeled car.
I think he's aiming for the tallest final drive as he's planing to do a lot of highway drives.
What is cruising speed with 3.78:1?

Oh and thanks for all the offers guys I'll sure let you know what he decides
The truth is under the bonnet! :)
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Rob Evans
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Later GTI & GL diffs, at first glance they look the same but the GTI has much stronger planet gears.
I did have a build diary on here (the Story So Far) showing the complete gearbox rebuild where I fitted the GL gears into the GTI box etc... For some reason the whole thread got deleted

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