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Originally Posted by philster View Post
Got the week off this week so took the opportunity to get an extra day in

Did a bit on saturday, mainly fiddly bits of welding and stuff then ran out of mig wire so with what time I had left decided to give the F16 gearbox a bit of a clean, still needs a bit more cleaning before it's ready for a coat of paint (may steal some of that oven cleaner from the kitchen )

Today I managed to get the lower part of the rear panel plated and seam welded, just needs grinding and a skim of filler

next up is the rear valance, hopefully should be able to pick a genuine one up from minisport

There really isn't much metalwork left to do now (thank melons) got the scuttle, rear valance, and a couple of small plates to weld in. Then i'm gonna attack it with a grinder & wirebrush attachment ready for paint and seam seal
hi phil i was just looking at your floor pictures. i am at the same stage as your self i was told that the rear of the main floor where the heal bord meets the floor goes on the inside of the seam? i was told by the body work guy from mini-machine, darlington. i hope your right! it looks a right pain to fit in the inside! lol
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There's a bend in the panel just before the backseat, from memory this is then spot welded to the rear seat back & base.
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excellent work so far mate keep it up
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matt skidd
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Looks good mate and a good idea moving the masters back
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been keeping an eye on this build Phil, any more updates?.
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