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Default Kyle's MG ZS 180

Kyle has bought a MG ZS 180 after his previous ZS has become a victim of a number of accidents. The bodywork has damage to almost every panel. It had a conversion to 1.8 VVC from a 1.6, 2 years ago and although initial teething issues were solved has been a good conversion.

Insurance is actually cheaper for the V6 than an engine conversion. The car he's bought has been really well looked after.

The car was advertised at 1000. After going 130 miles to see the car a price of 650 was agreed and the car bought home. The following day I noticed a huge pool of oil on my drive from where he'd been parked. I messaged him and he was unaware of any issue. Went out to look and found this.

The driveshaft oil seal had come completely out. He carefully drove home. We removed the driveshaft and found the differential bearing had collapsed.

This meant removing the gearbox, stripping it down and fitting replacement (from my spares) both bearings and seal.

Fitted the gearbox and all working great again and although was a lot of work, cost nothing.

A few more jobs done like a wheel bearing and a tyre (which he had from the other car) and the car is all good again for minimal cost.

His blue MG ZS with VVC conversion is being broken as the car is beyond economic repair. See for sale section...
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I've had both the 1.8 and the v6 and they were both great drivers cars, the extra torque of the v6 is nice and they make a great noise.
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Love these cars, going for silly low money.
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Fuck me Shaun. That actually made sense.
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