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Default Austin Allegro K series VVC build.

My old build thread is gone so here is the new one.

I bought an Allegro 1500 Super from Kieran on here, it was setup pretty much perfectly - Bike carbs, polished and ported head, aggressive cam, custom manifold, individualised mgf hydragas etc

Drove it around for a while, great fun. Had to change the steering rack after a bearing died, put a stereo in it and refitted Ford esc ignition to the existing trigger wheel that Kieran made. The electronic ignition gave it some more power, but made it harder to start to the point where I had to use jump leads and another car if it was cold! Nothing wrong with the battery, just the starter pulls a lot of current and its not quite big enough.

Decided it should be easy to start and have more power. The K series is cheap so started measuring, knew it would fit

Mgf rad fits up front, manifold might be a little close but nothing a little front panel modding wont fix.

Alternator fits, even on the stock mount with about 5mm clearance.

Cluch master fits, might change to cable though.

Brake master doesnt fit thought!

These are ET45, might try ET35 as there is some room.

Also turning left this happens!

Hoping less offset will help with thinner tyres. If not might have to use 14" wheels, how do minis get away with it? Metro engine mount arm instead of mgf maybe?

Looks better straight!

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