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Default VVC conversion....currently miniless!

hi all,
long time lurker but finally got myself into gear to do something with he mgf i bought 18 months ago.
i'll start from the begining!
1275 auto as my first car, did the wide wheels, arches and silly exhaust but when it got to the stage where i was gettig less than 18 mpg it was time to get mini no. 2 sorted, a 998 city that needed doors and a repaint. another 3 minis somewhere along the way and then i moved away.
had the urge to build something 16v for a few years, looking a turbo starlets and vtec's but then life kicked in and i moved to Bahrain for work and then moved to Sweden so all mini plans went out the window. that was until i was flying home for easter 2015 and spotted a perfect candidate for a swap, an mgf abingdon vvc for an entire 250, perfect timing! had a fair idea that the head gasket was gone but for that money it was no issue to have it around the house.
fast forward to halloween 2016 when i finally found time to do something.
decided to get the car into the shed and take the head off, straight forward job but showed a few......issues!
sorting out the yard before my mother decided to disown me:

let it begin

the first cut is the deepest

eh, dont think it should look like that

or that

hard to see but the belt is just sitting in the bottom of the bay, alternator seized

Cam cover off.....not looking good!

and head off

no pics of the head, it didnt seem too bad, its off for a skim at the min and i'l get it all back together when i arrive home again for christmas

plan is: get the engine all back together and running in the mg. get a mini(trying to find the right one, preferably pre 1980 so i dont have to worry about tax or test!) standard front, homemade mini based subframe and work from there

gonna be a fairly infrequently updated thread as i live in Sweden and my cars dont but im sure i'll be buying parts and sorting stuff from here every now and then. and there'll be no shortage of questions i'l be asking!
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car acquired, 1969 hornet! have to wait another 5 weeks before i get back to work on it though

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