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Originally Posted by Smurfy

Not made much more progress unfortunately. I have mocked up a new dash but I cant really make it until the seat is in its final position (so I can see where to mount the dials) and I cant mount the seat until the roll cage is in.

The problem is that I am living in Derby this year on a work placement and my car is kept in Leeds

I think I may take a week off work at some point to get it finished.

I'm also trying to decide what to fasten the harness to. Having looked at the angles etc in the blue book and speaking to my dad we were thinking about welding a harness bar between the rear legs of the cage, but then realised that the diagonal is in the way.
Another thought was to weld a bar that could be attached to the seat belt mounts on the c-pillar similar to this:

I'm not sure how strong this would be.

Where has everyone else mounted them?
Boots has done just that

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Mark D
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I've just put 2 eyebolts into where the rear seatbelts would mount in the rear bulkhead
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I've bolted a horizontal bar between the rear arches in the corner of the back seat.

So as long as you've got decent tubing / decent bolts and or decent welds then you should be OK. (he said hopefully)
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