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Default x14xe mini rallycar

hi folks i am new to the forum
I have really enjoyed reading and watch the Vauxhall powered minis being built.
so now I have taken the step to try and do one myself ( hopefully with your help)
I intend to put a x14xe on bike throttle bodies in it ,quaife f13 box and diff with Corsa/ nova internal gear linkage.
my question now is What list of parts and bits will I need to make this work( brakes hubs drives rad etc. )
is a a rear beam axel good for rallying. ( Irish roads are bumpy).
Thanks in advance any advise would be much appreciated.
p.s sorry about the spelling not great at this stuff.
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Sounds like a PLAN!! What Irish rally's do you want to do?
That engine and box combo will stay together well if it's good to start with.
Wheel size will affect you? Beams get by but I can say from experience that a full mini rear frame will keep you together
Welcome chubby if you fill in location you may get a member close to you that can help, yes it can happen, even in Ireland lol
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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I have used this combo rallying in a corsa for about 5 years.
it was pretty reliable at the time given me 133bhp.
I am hoping to use 13in wheels.
what s the best subframe to use or make my own .
basically all I have is a bare shell and a full astra with engine and box.
so if any man has anything that I mite require give me a shout. (cage brakes shocks drives fuel tank quick rack subframe wishbone s rear end stuff ).
I intend to do national stage rallys and a few gravel rally.
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I love to see Minis competing but there is a guy with a 1.4xe Nova which is standard except it is on twin webers and a straight through exhaust and tubular exhaust manifold and another guy who has a 1380 Mini with about 110bhp so power to weight is about the same and in our local rally the Nova spanks the Mini real bad and just to say the drivers (I know them both) are of a similar talent and I know for a fact the Mini guy has no fear.

I think you'll find the Mini 1.4xe less competative than the Nova
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hi folks
is there anyone on the fourms near to sligo with a 16v conversion done that i would be able to have a look at before I start cutting with the grinder .
pictures just dont answer the question all the time.
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