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sooooo muuuuccchhh wwwaaaannnnnnnnttttt!!!
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Originally Posted by Body Stylist View Post
The Shell shown in the images has been built to a customer specification that is above what we would recomend, but is Very Strong.

that shell had the following construction -

Black gel coat, 2 layers, 3 around seam lines.
1 layer 450 CSM
1 layer 2x2 Carbon Fibre 300gm
2 layer quadaxel at 90 degree rotation
1 layer 2x2 Carbon Fibre 300gm
at suspension and subframe mounting areas and additional layer of quadaxel and carbon where added.
at the join from upper to lower shell and bulkhead, the components where bonded, the stitched with another layer of quadaxel and a layer of carbon fibre.
that shell and all components have been weighed (including packaging - well wrapped, but not worth unwrapping until the parts are required) at 115 kilo

our standard layup will take another 20 - 30 kilo off that and is suitable for road use.

we could make it lighter still but would advise a full rollcage with subframe pickup points
What's the weight difference between this and a GRP shell Tony?

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Body Stylist
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our standard GRP sprint shell set will be around 20 kg lighter, but no where near as stiff / strong as this.

a minus and FRA will be heavier than both

for race use, you wont need the bulkheads, pockets, rails etc so would be even lighter

but dont get these mixed up with space frame shells, they are totally different animals
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