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Default Vtec tuning sites/ Developers

For all B series:

www.todaracing.com (Best aftermarket cams available)
www.mugen-power.com (Hondas Tuning team/ development team)
www.spoon.jp (Tight links with Honda!!!!!!)
www.gude.com (makers of the "Bullfrag Cams", american groupe)
www.gpshop.co.uk (Ask for Michael, the shop is here in glasgow)
www.the-garage.co.uk (Ask for Marc, tell him "Wee Scott sent you ")
www.raceeng.com (A shed load of stuff, american site, really good gear)
www.outlawengineering.com ( Intake thermal gaskets)
www.g-motorsports.com/ (Really good prices!!!)
www.system-r.co.uk (Hondata Dealers)
www.japperformanceparts.co.uk - Break a lot of DC2's and EK9's, aswell as DC5'd and EP3'2

B20b in perticular:

www.elaskey@cox.net ( contact is Earl, Deals with George benson whom is THEEE best B20 sleever in the US apparently)
www.goldeneaglemfg.com < Total Pricks, They wont export Sleeves, because no "British" machine shop can cut them in, HAH
www.c-speedracing.com (Gives the best advice on a B20 build!!!)
www.speedflow.co.uk (for all your custom fittings and braided hoses)

Forced induction:

This is the mother of all reads, if you have ANY questions on Turbo Charging, check this out, liks inside to EVRYTHING you will ever need and more


www.aurok.com (Uk distributors for Ohlins suspension, also a Spoon Sports distributor [small world eh lol])
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