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Thanks, thats what I thought really, I have my heart set on a b16a2 anyway maybe a b18 at some point in the future.

Hopefully I will have both cars within two weeks and the fun will begin
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Hi mels,

[/QUOTE]So after quite a bit of reading I'm finally getting an idea of how everything is going to come together.

I think I will go for an extended front end, I mean I am no hardcore mini diehard so to me the extra 9cm is not the end of the world. Taking into consideration how much easier this seems to make it also.

I may well buy the allspeed subframe, having browsed their site it seems that I can get almost everything from them involving the subframe?

Would I be correct in thinking that all I would need after buying the following,

All new subframe including rear engine mount

1 set ulimate rose jointed bottom arm/tie bar, uses top quality chromolly body ptfe/teflon linerrod ends with stainless steel 5/8 tie bars and billet machined forks.

1 Pair one piece billet driveshafts. En24t induction hardened to 900 N/mm sq.( To suit 32 tooth spline inner CV joints )

1 Pair outer cv joints, extra heavy duty mini hub fitting to suit above driveshafts.

Altenator bracket for front mounting

One last thing am I better off sourcing the honda parts from breakers and scrapyards or is it best to buy a donor car?

With regards to the engine what sort of milage is considered healthey?

Thanks again guys[/QUOTE]

This is exactly what Iv'e done,I bought the job lot from Rob at Allspeed,

It's all top quality and it's all gone together exactly as it should and i can't recommend it highly enough

As for getting your hands on a motor and box and all the other bit that you need,I have and would again buy a running car with T&T for a couple of reasons,firstly if you can drive the donner you intend to use you know that the engine,box,etc,etc are good before you part with your hard earned .

Secondly if you buy a good car,you can sell on all the parts that are surplus
and that can almost cover the whole cost of the donner
buying a motor thats already been yanked out is far to risky IMO.

Thirdly I know for a fact that it would take for ever and do my head right in,
and cost an arm and a leg, going around all the breakers for one of this and two of that,that's if you can find the parts you need!

As for mileage that the Honda engines are good for?well if they've been well serviced 80k is just run in. Mine's got just over 100k JDM b16a and dosen't rattel or smoke or use any fluids, just try to choose wisely and not get to excited and buy the first one you look at.

Take it easy

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id say, if you have been waiting for 2 years, then you can wait a little longer. ive nearly finished my project, and its cost me about 5k including car! its the first time ive ever done anything more hardcore than an oil change, and ive found the whole lot pretty easy. just time consuming.

i just waited and waited for a bargains to come up. i scoured ebay and this site untill i found someone selling a subframe and engine. this also came with driveshafts, brakes, coilovers ect. and was a bargain, but i had to wait. ive also picked up others along the way, like cheap door, alarm, seats, ect.

i work at moss europe, so getting the little bits like nuts and bolts that usually add up, has been a huge saving for me. apart from parts bought from work, ive not bought any expensive bits new,, but my car is a minter. EVERY part has either sandblasted, cleaned, paited ect. took longer than just buying new, but massive saving!!
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Thanks for all the input thus far guys

I have been away from home all week once im back I shall be compilling a final shopping list and will post it here, as well as links to donor cars, for you guys to give your opinions on.

I have just secured storage and work area for both cars during the conversion so I am a very happy man

I will be starting a buil diary as soon as I get the mini back to mine and would welcome and appriciate all input from you guys.

I will be keeping an eye out for bargains but the budget is more flexible than originally thought so that should make things easier.

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Originally Posted by mels View Post
I have just secured storage and work area for both cars during the conversion so I am a very happy man
Thats awesome mate, I dont have unfortunately have the space to break and make a mini so take full advantage of your space!

Phoning around and looking out for bargains here and there for individual parts is frustating and annoying but thats the only choice some of us have, So with a donor car your already making life alot easier for yourself!
My mini has got nothing to prove so nothing to lose
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I knoW man I am lucky. Hopefully pickng up the mini any time from the 26th on! I think I will be looking at spendind around 800 and replacing body panels interior and do anu welding needed. It might be worth treating the underside to prevent rust in the future too.

Edit: Something like this perhaps http://autotrader.mobi/used-cars/adv...q0kr3ki5lh0la4

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