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Default B16a2 rwd mini


I have been searching in here for detail build B16A2 rwd mini but nothing, would anyone have a direct link?

I have been driving mini for quite a few years and sick of its unreliability. I am planning to build a RWD, Mid- Engine honda powered mini. I prefer 1.6 Dohc VTEC @160 hp with 5 speed manual from 1999 SIR CIVIC,(canada spec) but might consider B18C5 200hp engine from Type R Integra (canada spec as well).

If anyone have any direct link for the above plans and build thread it would be a great reference.

Thx in advance
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Search for Z-Cars as they do a kit. There should be a few threads on here if you search for them. Look through the Honda build section. JS
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Subframe: MTB
CC: D15B
Make: Honda
ECU: MTD Frame, not MTB

Also check minitec as they did a rear end conversion withy a turbo and it looks awsome. They do not sell the specific kit as a standard item but says to contact for info. This might be a "On demand only kit"


good luck!

One of our club member built a Z-Car with Bike engine hayabusa... this is crazy.

Cops had him take the car off the road and claim to want an engineering report from the Province automotive regulation (SAAQ in quebec) to analyse the frame. Big story short, it is now for sale or is already sold. Cops were always around his house to try and trap him up. He changed the Vin number and put it up for sale.
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wow, cops are dogs. I located in Vancouver and i am afraid i cannot get my car to register as we have aircare as well. but once i don't build i don't build, if i build i build something special.

thx for all the input.. cheers
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