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I ran a phantom grip in my A series diff with a hot 1380 in a few track days. Worked well with 12 x 5 wheels at ~13mm offset and 1 inch wheel spacers. I damaged a wheel, and switched to 0 offset 12 x 6, and the car became much more difficult to drive. I am of the opinion that the LSD plays a lot less into the torque steer issues than the wheel offset / suspension geometry and alignment settings do. By the way- Phantom grips are basically 2 blocks of hardened steel being pushed apart by springs that ride directly on the spider gears. I have to think that they put a significant amount of metal filings into the gear oil. Not good in my opinion...
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After talking to many mini owners i think i have made the decision to swap out the big brake kit in the front for a kad kit that i can put some 10s on. im not going to change out the lsd yet. I want to see how changing the rims and offset will effect the car. Plus i can only imagine having a tire that has some more meat on it will make the ride better. So with that being said i will have a big brake kit for sale shortly. Minitec brake kit to be exact
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