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Default Trial Engine Fitment and Introduction

Hi all,

I have been reading this forum and slowly chipping away at my mini for the last 4 months, so I thought it was about time I started adding to the forum and introduce myself.

I am turning my 1994 Mini Sprite Auto 1275cc into a B18C4 powered clubman fronted manual (I have got hold of some 1970s license plates). i am using a skunk2 inlet manifold and alpha throttle body with the intention of using Jetex parts on my exhaust.

Having squeezed my B18C4 into my allspeed frame and began fitting the mounts I noticed that my cam cover engine mount appears to be different to the one in the allspeed instructions, as it has a lip on the rubber housing, has anyone else found this? It is stopping me from fitting the two inner bolts to the mounting plate. Any solutions?

I have just offered up the engine and frame to the front of my mini and have found that the brake master and distributor clash, am I doing something wrong here?

I am sorry if these questions have been asked before but I have had a good rummage of the forum with no success.
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On the allspeed frame the brake master and dizzy clash, you need to angle the brake master away or run without one, or run without a dizzy < bit more to it than just that

Quick search




As for the timing belt cover try and get a picture up if you can, I know the b18's have a three bolt mount as opposed to the two bolt found on the b16 but clearance should still be the same to the plastic cover itself

I don't know if the c4 belt covers are different? can't see why, hopefully wilp will chime in and let you know
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