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Lightbulb Wilwood Pedals Remote Reservoir in Wing

Has anybody mounted their reservoirs in the wing section as opposed to the bay to save space? Did you route the tubing through the bay then through the firewall or through the side of the cabin?

Also, did you use the large or small reservoirs?

Pictures would be awesome.

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plenty of race cars do but they often have the front off, will you?
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Id be concerned about that location being prone to dirt and moisture that could be too much for the reservior cap to cope with, or some freak case where a large stone flicks up and cracks a tank.

Smaller ones on firewall is the way to go I think for a road car.
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Old 11-05-2018, 01:09 PM   #4
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I will want to take the front off only for maintenance, and I would also worry about something flying up there that's a good point. Unless I got some protective inner fenders made up.

Though the bay would look super clean with them in the fender, but I'm going the safe route and mounting them to the firewall. Even though my front end is only 8 bolts I don't want to make a spectacle on the road when I have to top up some fluid.
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I didn't have any room in the engine bay for mine so I mounted them inside above the partial shelf against the firewall
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