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Default Engine fuel line

Ok so ive ran my copper/nickel hard lines underneath the car and plan to flare/nut that to a bulkhead fitting on the firewall of the engine bay. Now im abit stumped on how to do the hose between the bulkhead fitting and the b16a2 fuel rail. What have you lot done????
the fuel rail has a banjo as standard honda and thats fine. i would like to have a hose that is crimped to the fitting for security.
armchair experts at the local shop and my work say that just using hosetail/hose clamp arrangement would be fine as fuel injection not that much pressure, of course this would be a much cheaper alternative but the idea makes me very uncomfortable.
i cannot use the standard honda line as its too short, my limited space meant i have the bulkhead fitting just to the right side of the inlet manifold so i need a good length of hose since the fuel rail inlet is on the left side.
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I'd use Goodridge 200 series braided hose/fittings. They sell an AN adapter to the hardline.
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Fuel hose and jubilee clips will be fine, Max pressure will be about 3.5bar.
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I went to a scrappies and got a Honda civic fuel filter canister, one end takes a flared joint with back nut at the bottom and the top has the banjo fitting for the fuel rail hose, used the nut from the original civic hose and flared the new hard fuel line, works a treat...

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