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Originally Posted by edk83 View Post
Thanks, I've decided it was a bit too low though.

This is after raising the coilovers a bit, still a couple of degrees too much camber.

New ride height, doesnt look as badass but now I have more than 2" ground clearance!

I'm wanting to fit 280mm discs and there is no way they are going to fit under 14" wheels, gutted as I love the orange ones I bought but needs must.
15" to test fit, with 45 profile tyres they are actually not much more in diameter then my 14 with 50 profile.


In case you need it.

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Are you keeping the square steering wheel?
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Ha, nope only the mk1 came with the quartec wheel. I'm using an omp type wheel.

Current job is changing the lower ball joints as the mgf ones have too much camber. I have some rover 100 ones which have a few degrees less. Also I may slot the wishbones to allow adjustment. But first I have to drill out the stupid rivets !!
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So I've decided to stick with 14" wheels and the 240mm brakes, I'll add a remote servo if needed.

I've been busy drilling out the rivets on the mgf wishbones to fit R100 ball joints for less camber, might make them adjustable too if needed. The rivets have to be drilled, no way they are coming out any other way.

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