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sorry boss I wrote my last not clear inuff,
what I ment to say was.
if I had been told a clear reason when it was canseld I would have felt better and understood, almost would have sofend the unexsplaned plug pull at short notice.

EDIT after the dust has settled, I take your below comment REF wife's )dogs( children to be aimed at me, IF SO ,
I'm sory you've felt the need to make me a example in a out of order way,
My dogs had to come else I could not, they are on a lead and supervised at all times.
My jack Russell jumped out of the boot once only ,it was before race time and he was recovered
Rapidly, and make no bones about it I checked if dogs were permitted before I chose to attend,
CHILDREN , my 2 children have attended once out of the 4 times ive attended,
They at no point been unsupervised or even had access to any type of bike,
It was due to my selfishness that I dragged them 600 miles so I could join in,
Now I take it your refuring to the said wife standing near the fence ,
I asked her to get some pics and Vidio it seemed safe as the direction of travel was in the opposite direction, understandable if it was inline off the last bend if track was running ati clockwise, at the time there was nothing saying that place was out of bounds,
And I've seen at least 7 videos on YouTube being filmed from that verry place, by family members
Warning anyone reading this my desistion to edit 1 month after reading the below post
I took to think as it was upsetting to think I and my family were being indoctranated and made example of in public, I still haven't gotten over this qwite yet,
I was spitting blood when I first read it , and it's down to self control I'm still even hear,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"

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it is a military base we operate from we do not need to be given any reasons, as it was us organisers were told what we needed to know and we passed the full story on as soon as we were allowed.
We have to accept that we are a RAF club and therefore we are at the mercy of the top brass, as it was the station commander was well within his rights to stop all non RAF events on the base because of the misuse of trust by certain toy aeroplane people.
We have not broken any rules and apart from the odd stray kids or competitors wives and dogs who go out of bounds we are in order.
You have to remember we are much cheaper than other clubs as we don't have to pay for the location so we have to accept that things may not always go our way.
We now have orders in force which should allow us to continue our events even if RAF flying is required, obviously this means you the competitor needs to keep to the rules and also convey the rules to your guests and wives, dogs etc
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