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Default Carbon fibre mini (Roll cage and rolling)

Carbon fibre mini sprint - 7,500.

This is a carbon fibre Mini shell that is a replica of the original 1960’s Mini Sprint.

The Shell:

The design of the Sprint takes 2” (5cm) from the pillars and 1 ” (4.45cm) from the waist line giving a total height reduction of 3 ” (9.45cm). This improves the aerodynamics of the car, as was the reason for doing this back in the day.

The Sprint was made by ABS Motorsport to the highest standard. Pictures can be seen at: https://www.absmotorsport.co.uk/…/mi...hell-k…/

The Sprint is purposely designed to be manufactured from composites; it is not like other shells that are a replica of a steel body shell and have inherent design issues that limit composite strength. The side sills have been increased in height in the door opening sections to add strength. The doors are double skinned (overlapped) on the upper window rails. This is to prevent the upper part of the doors flapping at speed, a common issue on some fibreglass cars.

The layup is:

Black gel coat, 2 layers, 3 around seam lines.

1 layer 450 CSM

1 layer 2x2 carbon fibre 300gm

2 layers quadaxial carbon fibre at 90 degrees

1 layer 2x2 carbon fibre 300gm

At the join from the upper to lower shell and bulkhead the components were bonded then stitched with a layer of quadaxial and a layer of carbon fibre. This layup was specifically designed in order to have comparable strength with a steel Mini shell in all the correct areas where strength is essential in a Mini (subframe mounting points, shock absorber mounts etc)

For sale is the shell, which includes:

Sprint body shell
Sprint front end
Sprint bonnet
Sprint front valance
Sprint door x 2
Sprint boot lid
Sprint bulkhead – Recessed for Weber carbs.
Sprint upper dash rail
Sprint lower dash rail
Sprint inner sill x 2
Sprint floor cross-member
Sprint rear pocket x 2
Sprint rear seat base
Sprint rear bulkhead
Sprint parcel shelf

Approximate weight of the kit is 115kg (shell only, without internal components 70kg, with internals 100kg). The shell can be completed with all standard parts from a Mini with the exception of the windows. However front laminated windscreens can be cut down by any good auto glass company and the remaining windows can be made of Perspex or similar.

The shell is in very good condition, it is gel coated in black and does not need to be painted (assuming you want a black car, otherwise it can be painted as required).

In addition:

Once the shell had been made and I took delivery of it I shipped it to Tornado Motorsport http://www.tornadomotorsport.co.uk/ and had them build a custom roll cage for the car. I had them build a cage that incorporated inertia reel seat belt mountings on the C-pillar upright sections on both the driver and passenger side and also sections that tied into both the front and rear subframe mounts. The front section of the cage runs inside the engine bay box section and ties into the tower mounting bolts, the rear section of the cage has a section that ties into the front mounts of the rear subframe. The cage is also designed with the fitment of a collapsible steering column in mind and as a result a Ford Fiesta collapsible column is included in the sale.

I then fitted front and rear subframes with hubs, radius arms etc in order to make the shell easier to move around. These are included.

In addition I found a set of Smart Fourtwo seats that fitted nicely into the shell and had some custom aluminium mounts for the seats fabricated – the seats and mounts are also included in the sale.

Finally I bought a load of large head fixings (both male and female) in order to mount things into the shell and bond them in if necessary. These aren’t cheap and will be included in the sale.

Reason for sale:

I have decided that the Sprint is something that I’m never going to get round to doing. I really like it but have decided that I’m never going to get the opportunity to finish it and it could end up sitting in my garage for years! Far better to let it go to someone who can give the time and effort it needs to make it into a running and driving car.


This is the opportunity to own a pretty unique Mini. It’ll never rust and is immensely strong. It’d be suited to road or motorsport use and would be extremely useable and/or competitive. Make no bones about it, getting it to the point of being usable isn’t going to be the work of a couple of weekends, however if you know what you’re doing and preferably have a donor Mini to take parts from then it could be completed fairly simply. Alternatively you could go all out with some kind of alternative power source (bike engine?) and have a properly unique vehicle. Please also bear in mind that for road use it could well require an IVA test depending on how you complete the build.

The price reflects the purchase price of the shell and the money I have put into having the custom cage built, not to mention the inclusion of front and rear subframes (in good usable condition) and a set of 10” Wella wheels etc.

Currently located in Belper, Derbyshire. Can be deliver to anywhere within the UK if required and by prior arrangement and payment of a deposit.

Thanks for reading, please contact me with serious enquiries.


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