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Default Gear cable routes & firewall sealing

I have to route the gear shift cables for my Toyota 4E-FTE from the cabin into the engine bay. Due to the angle of the cables through the Mini firewall, the cables are no where near perpendicular to the firewall so using a standard split grommet, they don't seal well. I'd like to get ideas on how others have sealed any cables through the firewall. Any photos would be nice too please. Thanks
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I don't have any pictures but do remember seeing steering rack gaiters being used for this. Obviously a ring would need welding to the firewall but I'm sure that isn't too hard.
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Yeah stretch the steering gaitor, pass it through then cable tie each end to the gear cable

If you want to be really posh use one of them small gearstick gaiter housings with a chrome surround (cabin gearstick housing) if itís gonna be on show and you are wanting a blinged up bay

Or have a look for stepped grommets

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firewall grommet

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