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mm man
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Default Brake knowledge needed

I have spent hours searching here but every time I think I have found what I am looking for then either all photos have been removed or the forums crash has deleted links as posts are to old .

I am looking for a brake pedal box set up total in car if possible floor mounted as no room on bulk head .( I can fit remote reservoirs )
I have seen all the universal ones but what size masters do I need
My set up is
Front 4 pots mg metro
Rears Suzuki swift rear Calipers (discs)
And I have also been advised to go hydraulic clutch
How do I work out what I need

Would this do the job



I am a simple type I don’t have a masters in mathematics so all help is appreciated the simpler the better .
Any photos of builds would be super helpful.

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Subframe: Home Made
CC: 2000
Make: Vauxhall
ECU: Motronic 2.5 - Group N Chip

For Info: The early OBP units were very flimsy, as stated by some mini users who sent them back. I believe they have made them a bit sturdier now, but have no proof. Maybe some people on here have them and can advise.
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Make: Honda
ECU: Standard-ish

I went with the Wilwood brake and clutch with remote reservoirs in my mini
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