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Talking Turbonetics Ballbearing Turbo - 6162 (Stage 3 Turbine Housing)

Genuine reason for sale – I have just sold my engine and therefore sadly have no use for this turbo anymore. I acquired this custom unit at great expense, built to a custom specification for myself in the USA. It set me back 1564 new from Turbonetics...it has never been fitted to an engine! It's still new and unused!

I know we don't usually see whopping great turbos on this forum but like my plans, I'm sure some of you are going BIG with the power, especially with 4wd capabilities a lot of people's minis on here have.


This fast spooling 6162 turbocharger features a T3 turbine housing with 62mm Iconel turbine wheel for maximum strength and durability. . The turbocharger features V-band flanges all round for quick gasketless seals, maximum flexibility (360 degree rotation) and improve flow characteristics. It has a forged billet compressor wheel that is comparable to the 6262PTE. The billet compressor wheel offers quicker spool than its billet and cast counterparts, and features a 60 series housing for tight engine bays and excellent turbo response. The turbine housing features an additional stage 3 triple process ceramic coating (which cost extra) in which it was dipped for any residue, sprayed, baked, sprayed, baked again, vibratory tumbled, and then hand-polished. This process allows the turbine housing to retain more heat thus promoting even quicker spool

Contact me on 07392 858814 if you have any questions at all.

After 1099 Delivered




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