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Thanks Andrew for that , very helpful, may have to steal the design of that linkage! haha I copied the alt bracket off Dan's first one, better safe than sorry and all that

I'm still plodding away with this, at the moment it feels like 1 step forward 3 steps back, all caused by me . First the alternator was wrong, 3 times, that meant I had to change the bracket I made, then I tried 3 different belts, finally got the right length, then I spent ages modifying the exhaust mani and only got 5mm more clearance lol, and then to top it all off, the "MPi" tank I bought in good faith of it being genuine (and paid a fair amount of money for!) is actually a SPi tank, so I need a new fuel pump, which leads me onto this one below.

Would this be suitable? Would I need a fuel pressure reg or could I just plumb it into the tank and be done once and for all?


Many Thanks,

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