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Red Riley
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Default Fuel tank venting question

I have this posted in the General Information section, but I don't know how many folks look there, so I'll post it here too.

I put a 15 gallon fuel tank in the boot, and I've gone through all of the fittings and lines and there is no leaking anywhere. No fuel smell inside the boot whatsoever, but I can smell fuel fumes around the back of the car. I had it on the lift yesterday and determined that it's definitely coming from the vent hose. I just have the vent hose running from the vent fitting at the top of the tank and down through the boot floor same as the original tank vent. I've done some reading and it seems the recommended way to vent a tank like this one is to put a roll-over vent valve at a location outside the car but above the top of the tank. I just can't figure out a way to do this that will work. Has anyone done a similar tank and come up with a solution or just put up with the vent fumes?
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