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Default AC Compressor Question and more...

Hey guys,
I'm working on adding an all in one AC/Heat/Defrost unit in my d-series minitec frame. I figured out minitec AC kit is using the compressor from a Suzuki swift, it's the Sanden 7b10 unit. I fabricated some brackets to hang it, but then as I was looking at specs, I became confused. Looking at the crank pulley our d's and b's spin counterclockwise. The Sanden 7b10 specs say it needs to turn Clockwise. (For reference, Sanden says only the 508 model can spin either direction) However, when I called minitec they said they have always run that compressor ccw and it works fine. It makes me wonder, maybe it works, but maybe not great??
Do you guys have any experience with this? Anyone running the same compressor ccw and can verify that their AC works as good as any other?
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