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Originally Posted by leon View Post
[...] Dont see a reason why the rad wouldn't cool, with a scoop and the amount of flow under the car it will be more efficient than a front mounted
You're right: the cooling effect is given also, if i install a scoop. But the negative touch comes with the spoiler effects. With every scoop that I attach below the vehicle , it brings the spoiler effect into this game.

The air which runs along the scoop will be pressed against the radiator...So long its ok.
After passing the radiators mesh the air is pressed against the floor. The lift force will increase, if there is no chance to vent the air with less resistance as possible.

That, i think will make the rear even lighter at high velocities.
The light rear of the Mini + Spoiler can bring it on the highway to fatal consequences.

So, I guess I should rethink the concept, maybe.
Build: D16Z6-Van-Project
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