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Default Civic VT clocks into a mini

This is a small writeup for those of you whom wish to keep all the wiering and ECU honda. I have went into great research to find a way of getting working clocks in the mini on a low budget.

The problem being we have mechanical clocks and the hondas have a VSS on most models. This is the vehicle speed sensor. It IS required for the car to engauge Vtec. The VSS is a small plug that sticks out of the Y21 hydraulic clutch gearbox above the diff.

It sends the ECU 4 pulses per 1.5 revolutions of the small wheel on the end of the VSS or honda speedo drive ( Bare with me here ) Most other manufacturers VSS send 4 pulses per revolution.

I tried to get a company "Speedy cables" to make a cable whereby it came out of the gearbox, went into a aftermarket VSS ( Which in turn would supply the ECU the 4 pulses per 1.5 revolutions of the speedo drive), and from the VSS into the mini clocks. But they can only supply a VSS which sends 4 pulses per revolution

I theory I tried to get a mechanical output with an electronic output at the same time.

The 89-91 Civic VT ( UK model) and the CRX VT ( again UK model) both use a speedo cable ( Not a straight VSS output ). You cannot simply use the cable as you will have no VSS and therfore not be able to engauge the Vtec The cable goes from the gearbox into a VSS built within the honda clocks.

I managed to get a VT wiering loom, clocks and the clock shroud for 60 from a breaker I know.

I then decided I would set about the task of making the stuff fit, and it actually fits the mini's clock carrier with a slight modification, Here is virtually step by step on how it is achieved:

Mini clocks and honda clocks

Bend legs on mini clock carrier slightly inwards on both sides till they are a snug fit on the honda clocks

Should sit snug like this

Mark a hole using one of the holes on the mini carrier. If you drill in the position I have used, the self taper will NOT damage any internal components within the honda clocks. You can only use this point!

Drill a Pilot hole with a 3.5 mm drill bit and screw into the clock. I used the old mini self tapers from the old mini clocks, they are nice and short and wont foul anything in the honda clock

Repeat for the sides as shown.

There you go, the carrier holds them, now to make things look neat

Here is the honda shroud, it doesn't exactly clears the mini clock carrier at the back, so here is my attempt;

Fix a plate like so to the carrier, it will allow you to screw the shrowd to the carrier to hod it beautifully in position

Cut two hoes in the back of the shroud, cut round the fixing points on the back, this allows the carrier to sit vitually flush with the shroud. It looks a tad Ghettoe ( It is ) but you will see why it had to be done. Not I also cracked the shroud, this was due to the jigsaw jumping up. I have also drilled two pilot holes through the shroud and that plate I attatched, notice the two random self tapers and washers, they are all you need to fix the shroud securely

There you go, all you need to do is bolt the carrier back into place using the exising holes in the mini bulkhead

The shroud is slightly squint, but it will be simple to straighten, Hope this is of some use to some folks Regards, Scott G
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