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Default AWD K20 Build

Made a start with the K20 build now the B18AWD is 99% done.
Picked up the donor body last Saturday.. was cheap, sandblasted and ready to be cut up by me !!

So, .. we now have a body, AWD frame and a dummy K20 engine. Will get the AWD tranny this week and we can start.. Because the mini will keep his standard nose i will remove the firewall and make a new one 15cm back.

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Subframe: Watson
CC: 1600
Make: Honda
ECU: Standard

Good stuff, I look forward to seeing this as it progresses!

Random thought... I'd love to see a mini with a central drivers seat and seeing as you're moving the bulkhead...

2nd related random thought... I also wonder if with the rear bench removed, will 2 buckets fit in an McLaren F1 style layout... Legless passengers only perhaps
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