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Default need smoother acceleration

I have the 1.6 and c6bp gearbox and runs fine,but when slowing down in traffic Ican't then pull away smoothly without a jerk unless I use the clutch.I expect the first thing that comes to mind is a poor cable run .That is not the case and I don't know what might be causing this. anyone got an idea.
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I had a similar problem and it was caused by a lack of engine bracing, I just had the standard torque reaction mount that bolts to the sump and the subframe, I have changed this now to a poly flex one and also add as standard mini engine stabiliser to the front from the gearbox to the subframe and now there is very little movement in the engine but as a downside there is more vibration through the car due to the stiffer mounts (bit of a compromise) I have also cut an 1" out of the top of throttle pedal and added it to the bottom and added a 1" plate to the mounting point to bring the pedal back up in line with the cable hole, this has made the throttle a bit smoother but it's still like a switch when crawling in traffic
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Could be engine rocking as Keith says, the cable route may be ok but that doesnít mean itís not sticking still, try spraying some WD40 or something down the ends of the cable sleeve, it could also be a worn cable, I had an issue with mine being worn but I could feel that on the pedal.

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The mod Keith mentioned to the pedal helps control the throttle cable. It's basically moving the pivot point to make the cable move less distance for the amount your foot presses it. Makes it more controllable.

If you grab the engine and try to rock it, there should be no more than about 5mm movement in any direction. If there is more, or it knocks when pulled then mounts are the problem.

The throttle cable I have only had issues with them not returning fully when worn. If the engine idles fine I would expect that this is ok.
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