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wee man
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Default Bit of legal help or wtf to do

Ive got a 2003 motorhome which has a damp problem. Company had it quoted 1000 to find problem and fix. Needed to cut carpet away to identify floor problem turned out to be a wet floor not rotten or delaminated. Company replaced internal water pipes resealed external few other jobs and paid 650 quid took 4 months not 2 weeks as orignally quoted. 2 days later wet again same place. After loads of ffffin and blindin had it back. Kept it 2 months found a leak in toilet area removed shower tray and rear wall found rotten wood and damp but not wet. Fitted all back up sealed painted external wall because he believed were pin holes after grinding. 1950 pounds later because of heat wave it didnt leak. Soon as rain came water came back same place no difference. Blokes had it back again gone over time limit by 3 days and now wants to go to alternative dispute resolution which is gonna cost me again. Anyone got any advice.
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Do you have your van in your custody?
Or has he got it ? It's not clear but I suspect that he has it ?
First thing to do is get it back!! The thing he is offering is a soft aproch, he has to belong to it , dose he? It matters!! Basically he is Screwed coz as you discribe it, it's a clear case for trading standards!! Cut out that other poncey mob ,
He only offered that as a diversion! P.m me or Facebook "bunker Shaun" in messanger ,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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My cynical advice based on years of driving.

Sell the over priced motorhome. Go on holiday, in a hotel. Get proper beds, toilets etc. I am sure you will appreciate it more.

These damn things and caravan owners are a nightmare on the roads. This is why we need faster cars to get past the damn things.

p.s. Sorry if my advise isn't what you want to hear...
If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.
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Originally Posted by AGoaty View Post
These damn things and caravan owners are a nightmare on the roads. This is why we need faster cars to get past the damn things.
I love mine, great for collecting cars

sorry I have no idea how to proceed with the issues you're having

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How did you pay him?

Aslo go here http://legalbeagles.info/forums/ to ask your question, but they will need more information from you, put together a time line, on date a to took to repairer
on date b he claimed to have fixed by doing x,y,z I paid F in cash/card/cheque
on date c I found it was still leaking

More info you give better advice they can give you

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