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Default How to put your mini on jack stands (video!)

We are starting to make monthly tech tips and decided to start out simply with a how to jack up the mini and put it on jack stands (have seen enough dented floor pans to know that not everyone knows how to do this correctly).

Anyways enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

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Why jack it from the front tie rod mount? as you sometimes run the risk of bending them if you jack doesn't roll when jacking it up!
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Seriously bad place to jack from.

Either get a lower jack that will get under the frame or drive the car up onto bricks, wood, to give you a couple of extra inches of clearance. I've made the 'cup' part of the jack removeable on mine so I can get it under the subframe.

Or horror of horrors use the proper jack in the proper jacking point in the sill at the ends of the internal cross member.
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Jacking from the tie rod mount is absolutely fine, jacking the tie rod is a no no but he is not doing that

Stop moaning
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Thank you for your comments. I will note that I don't normally lift the car via the tie rod mount but as I quickly noted in the video, our car is a jdm autobox car and has a very obtrusive oil pan skid plate that wouldn't allow me to place the jack anywhere else (i tried off camera). No damage was done but I am aware it isnt ideal. Cheers
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That's fine but by showing this on YouTube it will have people who don't know better thinking it's the place to jack up the car and risk damaging the tie rod
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I've not seen these guys before, seem quite fun. I like the pace of their video, if they get onto some actual work on the car I'll give them a chance. I agree fine to jack from there, but only with care. As in more care than the previous owner of that car - looks like the tie rod is already bent on the video @ 1:27?!

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Old 01-10-2017, 05:03 AM   #8
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Yeah the tie rods were bent from the previous owner in Japan. I made a point in the video about not usually using that as a jacking location, and that it was a special circumstance, however I will be more clear if a situation like that arrises on future tech videos as to not get people confused.

The plan is to make at least one new video a month with increasingly more complex tasks. If your interested in following along hit the subscribe button. We will be releasing the details on our new shop mini build in a future video, but I can say it will be a fun one! cheers
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come steve if you want to become a mini advice personalaty you at least have to get it correct
it can be said we all have our own ways ,,
but if you put the park brake on(thats the lever) not the P on gearshift, it will most likely be a auto box if jap import,,
while jacking the front watch the rear wheels want to roll forward so it should not be on! it can be done but will make a unplesant risistance,
i dont have a problem with lifting at that point as long as the cup is the correct size and in the correct place (front)
thers loads of choice where to support the mini, i dont like steel to oily subframes and prefure hard wood beetween,
and did you say about cracking off wheel nuts first while on the ground?
maybe the vid is a hard one to bang!!
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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