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Default Newbie xe clubman

just picked a car up on ebay, AMT subframe clubman fibreglass front Vauxhall xe. Its my first mini and I'm really enjoying it after only a week of ownership, drove it 200miles home as well (1 breakdown-no fuel) and kicked the fan belt off 50 miles from home lol. Oh and now no brakes but i'll sort that tonight hopefully!!

interested if anyone knows the car, was in the Cheshire area JFK ***H
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Glad you are enjoying Mini ownership!

Anyone who thinks they can buy one of these and just get in everyday and turn the key to drive it, is living in dreamland. They are never like modern cars even though the running gear might be.

Hopefully you'll get this repaired easily and continue to use it.

Maybe we'll see you at an event sometime.

Always good to see how these are progressing. Start a build thread (even though you didn't build it!) and keep everyone up to date with pictures and info of what your plans are.

If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.

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Pictures, we all like pictures
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