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Default Forum rules - please read before posting

Rules & Guidelines

1. Signatures
Signatures are a text only area that can be used to add fun comments to all of your posts.
Abusive, insulting and sarcastic remarks aimed at fellow members is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

2. Postings
Technical Forums
When replying to questions within the technical forums please do not post unless you have the answer to the question or a valid comment to make, posts being hijacked and led away from the question being asked are of no help to anyone.
Remember “Keep the thread on topic”

The Non 16v Mini / Chit Chat forum
This is the place to go for all non-mini related subjects, Admin/Moderators will be more relaxed about what goes on in here but abuse/insults will not be tolerated.

All Forums
The Admin/Moderators have decided to implement a “Yellow Card” system to control unreasonable behaviour in the forums.
When unreasonable behaviour is identified the Admin/moderators will vote on whether to issue a Yellow card, once issued with a Yellow card the members account will be suspended at the first signs of further unreasonable behaviour.
After 3 months the yellow card will be removed if the member’s behaviour improves to a satisfactory level.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this should not be seen as an opportunity to start passing insults etc, never get personal as this will not be tolerated and your account will be suspended.

Any abuse towards the Admin/Moderators will not be tolerated and will mean automatic suspension of the members account.

If your not happy with the contents of a post then report it to the Admin/Moderators, this does not however guarantee that the post will be edited/removed but rest assured the complaint will be investigated.
You will be notified of the outcome in due course.

If you are unhappy with a decision made by an Admin/Moderator then contact other members of the Admin/Moderator team, please be aware though that major decisions will already have been discussed by the Admin/Moderator team and agreed before implementation.
As a final course of action please contact MattG our leader who ultimately has the final say.

Also, please refrain from using 'txt spk'. People find it hard to read and will probably not answer you.

Please remember that these forums are used by people of all ages/cultures, distasteful comments or innuendo that are aimed at a certain group will be edited/deleted by the moderators.

Bad Language
There are filter to stop bad language but it has been noticed that members bypass this by clever use of spelling/symbols.
This forum is open to all and so bad language is not wanted, if you feel the need to swear make sure the swear filter has replaced the words or better still just insert ******* yourself.
Admin/Moderators will edit posts that contain swearing and remove the offending words.

It is forbidden to post links/images to pornography on this forum, all such posts will be deleted and the members account suspended.

Everyone hates spam, if you are spamming other members or forum posts your account will be suspended.

Subframe Suppliers
Subframe suppliers are banned from posting about there subframes on these forums , sadly it just causes problems.
They are allowed to post on other subjects if they wish , but they must not comment on anything related to other sufbrames etc
This is also covered by the next rule as well.

The decisions of the Admin/Moderators is final.
Admin/Moderators reserve the right to edit/delete posts that do not confirm to the forum rules and to ban forum abusers from the site.
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