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Default Cutting Route for Removable front end with A-panels

Hey guys, Im planning to cut my front end off as Im having a LOT of trouble fitting things and the pain will only get worse as the build progresses. So I plan to make the front end removable, including the A-panels, because I do no want to have any sort of gap on the arch and I want to be able to fit different arches without cutting them in 2. I am keeping with steel, yes I know it will be heavy. Im going to have the hood fitted with pins for everyday stuff.

I've drawn on the images below where I plan to cut, this includes my two big concerns.
1. Down the inside of where the doors are mounted near the a panel (cutting lines are red and yellow in pictures), Seems like a good place as it is very hidden ( I may weld in some supporting brackets to compensate for removing some of the stability).
2. The wing (cut line is green in picture), am I right with the idea that i should be cutting on the wing part as near to the seam as I can or should i be trying to split the seam with my dremel?

Id really like some feedback before I commit to cutting it and find out I messed something up. Thanks!

The Images start from inside the engine bay and move through to the bottom of the A-Panel.
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dont need to cut A panel , just grind that door / A panel edge off and a panel will fall off
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As Matt says, the A panels are not fastened as such to the door hinge panel. They are just folded around them. So grinding down the length of the fold means they will become very loose. They are welded across the top so just a bit of weld to remove there.

You have the cut line correct for the wings. This does mean the wings cannot be reused. Once cut where you show, a piece of the wing will still be attached to the scuttle panel. This needs either grinding or knocking off with cold chisel.
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Going from my miserable attempt to remove my fixed wings I doubt you can remove the whole front end with A-panels in such a way that it can be reused but I could be proved wrong
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Oh jeeze. So it would have to look something like this?
1. Cut off front end using the indicated route other than the a-panel as MattG says

2. Grind down the scuttle panel.

3. Remove wings.

4. Line everything up with new wings.
The old sub-frame has been sold and replaced by an allspeed frame so I wont have a front panel reference point, but I should be able to overcome this with a hell of a lot of clamps and some patience..

5. Weld up the front end.

6. Add a method of securing the front end to body near wheel well on each side and possibly one at the front end for extra stability
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