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Default horizontal tandem green tag master cylinder

Hi folks,

a quick question , some clarity if you may.

My brake system is as per post 88 setup, front to rear split with bias valve on rear circuit.

I have a new green tag master cylinder and servo, post 88 setup.

I fear I have my master cylinder plumbed wrongly, the brakes are rather sluggish on the front (kad 4pots). Although i passed MOT recently (Northern Ireland - very strict) I still feel the brakes are lacking. I have the union closest to the servo feeding the rear brakes. Identical to this post... http://www.16vminiclub.com/showthrea...t=brake+master

This information is the complete opposite to the the information below...

The first schematic shows the front union going to rear brakes. And the rear union (closest to servo) feeding the front brakes.

I also found a post on the forum which suggests the same...http://www.16vminiclub.com/showthrea...t=green+master

and is equally backed up with this image....

Who is correct? I am going to plumb the union closest to the servo to my fronts and see what the results are like.

Thanks, David
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