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Miglia cars, thanks for your reply, but this thread is about getting to a reasonably priced, reliable road car that feels quick.

My typical journeys are urban, and boring. I want to spice that up a bit from my diesel VW!

I get no bonus from work getting in early, I just want it to feel quick/fun

And as I have to pay for the work, should I spend lots on labour and have an easy 90/100bhp small block vaux and know that if the engine does pop I can get another for a couple of hundred pounds, or keep it a series, meaning lower labour charges but more expensive engine and ongoing maintenance, and if the engine went bang needing a couple of grand to sort it?
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loud and clear dudes load and clear.
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If I had the money I'd take a screaming a-series over an engine swap every time, but my 200bhp(ish) XE with mahoosive torque cost 300 and can be exchanged for another scrapper when I break it so there's no chance I'm going to blow 1000's on a fancy a-series.

For info, most of my front end susp mods have been based on the theories of the Miglia solutions and unsurprisingly they have transformed the handling even with the XE up front. IMHO the Miglia boys aren't Mini purist, they just butcher the Mini within different parameters that's all.

Standard front end Mini suspension isn't brilliant with a-series up front but add a stupidly heavy engine which doesn't sit centrally, has too much torque, plus unequal driveshafts and the mismatched geometry is bloomin' dangerous.

Development time is irreplaceable.

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Crap im a senior member now
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Originally Posted by migliacars View Post
It was really the handling comment I was thinking off!!!

There are NO engine converted minis that WILL out handle a A series mini.
We have been there done that again and again.
Mine does. I now have an R1 engine in the front (fwd) & it handles even better now to when it had an a-series. The R1 engine is lighter (60.5kg), lower down, and no further forward than before as I have the same weight balance on the scales.
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This is an old post - revenge of the crashing website come to haunt me once again

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