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Default fuel surge

has anyone had problems with fuel surge
every time i am turning hard left my car cuts out then then go again like the ignition was being turned off then on
i thought it may have been wiring so i put another engine loom in and still same problem
i use a 2 gallon tank with the outlet on bottom of tank ,inline high pressure fuel filter,and high pressure fuel pump ,10mm fuel lines .
everything else is standard all help needed getting sick of it losing a lot of time on every run car also not vtecing ?
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Foam fill the tank and see if it helps.

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couldnt be bothered to stretch that far to pull it out.
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I love it
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Have you got a fuel pressure gauge on the rail and what ECU are you using?
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Is something trapping petrol pipe momenteraly on left turn,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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Had the same issue with my van. Ended up using a small swirl pot and facet lift pump to feed it with HP pump feeding from the pot.

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i have ordered low pressure pump and swirl pot so hoping this will sort it boot is filling up with pumps and tanks
i had a chipped ECU on old engine and have plugged it in last night and car seemed to run ok on it.
I had fitted it before but would not run it but we later found out it was an after market fuel pressure regulator and faulty o2 sensor so they are sorted and ECU back in its a P28 or P30
i think i have car out in galway this Sunday coming so ill know if im sorted
i would like to be near right for wales
Cheers for all help its better getting advice from men and women who have built these cars
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