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Default Introduction of a dreamer

Hi all,
Just joined the club today and figured I would introduce myself.

Im 30 years young, married with one child, living in Manchester and working in the vape industry.

Since I was a teen Ive always wanted a 1275gt with a Honda B series engine but have never been in a position to chase the dream but now I've got the space to keep one and a little more disposable income so I made a resolution to have at the very least a tidy rolling shell before the year is through although right now I'm purely in the research/dreaming stage.

I have no experience with cars really, the small captions of information you get when tuning cars on forza motorsport is about the full extent of my knowledge so this is going to be quite an adventure which may take a while and will require a lot of help and advice.

I'm still not fully sure about anything to be fair, I know I want the 1275gt I much prefer the style and it has the bonus of extra space in the engine bay.
I know I want a B series, I was half considering the k series but to be honest the less electronic and ecu controlled the engine is the better for me as I want as little possibility of malfunction as possible. Which engine though is still debatable, growing up it was the b16b due to a kit I saw at the time but now I'm toying with the idea of the JDM B18C Type-R but I am still open to suggestion as I dont know if a subframe kit exists to fit this engine and also I dont fully know if 200bhp is a bit excessive in a road legal mini I just dont want to put the b16b in then 6 months down the line end up in desire of more horses and if it means figuring out how to make it 4x4 in order to get the power down more effectively then thats something I'm willing to look at.

I want to keep the exterior as classic as possible and run it as a bit of a sleeper whereby the only thing which may give away the fact that its more than it appears is the disc brakes, tyres and possibly wide arches which to be fair are quite common anyway.

Interior however is a different story, I want it as comfortable as possible so the seats are gonna be a highly researched topic as I'm 6ft 4 inches so may need to bolt in some nice comfortable seats a little further back. Im curious as to whether its possible to use much of the interior from the bmw mini as I really like the cooper s tan and black leather seats, it would be nice to have classic outside with modern comforts inside.

I quite like the idea of doing this all myself and learning as I go but realistically I also dont want to end up with an unfinished project that gets left for years before being sold on at a loss so I'm open to drive in scream out options like that of watson rally and I've got friends who can help me with everything else such as the shell work and general cosmetics.

This has unintentionally turned into a full thread/diary as oppose to an intro so I'll wrap it up now with a thanks for listening and see you all around.
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Hi, B16 in a mini is pretty sharp, cheaper to buy also. i started with a b16 then on to a B18C4. the 18 has more low down torque which is always good in a mini, both engines fit in Allspeed or Watson honda B type frames. your main issues will be gearing and getting it to handle, so use your money on this first and see whats left over for a engine, by 1275gt i hope you mean a clubman because all things 1275gt are now crazy money. nothing wrong with the rover 1.8vvc and cheap as chips, spend the first month reading everything on here before you even start. Good luck. Cheers
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Good intro!

You don't say if you have any experience of the mechanics of an engine or genral running. So I do hope you know more than click on a game and you have a new engine. If that is the case you will have your eyes opened and pockets emptied very quickly!

The Honda engines are reportedly more reliable. I run a Type R as a daily. It's great when in VTEC at above 5500rpm but below that is only moderately quick. My Rover K series Mini is faster and pulls from lower in rev range. Gearboxes are easy and cheap.
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