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Default List of summarys and links to build galleries.

if you have any other links please PM them, i jsut wana collect a list of links to gallaries/pages for people to read throgh, rather than leafing through all the other pineapple:P(non-k-series) builds in the gallery. please dont post in this thread its just an online notepad for me to come up wiht something usefull which once complete i'll try squeese into the FAQ or a sticky or delete. whatever

Mini based frame (both DIY and commercial):

std round nose:
picKup http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=42
Chris (aka bob) http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=590
noisymini http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=623

extended round nose / clubman:
evolotion http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=84

Metro based frame(both DIY and commercial):

std round nose:

extended round nose / clubman:
Geehawk http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...ls.php?album=6 and http://www.theclubman.co.uk/
jkseries http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...ls.php?album=9
Mark E30 http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=86
pengy666 http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=672
will_R http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=683
MiniRio http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=574
GEDI http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=588
burnie boy http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=631
alex http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=79

GTMKoupe http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=35
BigAndy http://www.16vminiclub.com/gallery/t....php?album=575

infact thats a bit daft, post if you like. any negative posts will be ignored.

EDIT: there are other builds where the picures are not in the gallery, these are in the builds section!
11.9@118 :)


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Metro based frame(both DIY and commercial):

std round nose:

Matt http://www.16vminiclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5992

I though that would be a good addition to list
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Yep. And possibly the only one ever done
Also a hole in the market for aftermarket frames as it has proved to be a very good all round package.
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Great idea Dennis but i think you were right in the first place. It gets messy and multiple paged if everyone posts thier own thoughts on what should be included. It'll end up pages n' pages long and you wont find what your after unless you trawl through them all.............. It would be better kept to a sticky at the top of each manufacturers section. Don't you think?
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Links don't work?
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because some toerag decided to hack the site....
this link will work.....http://16vminiclub.com/forums/all_albums.php
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my beast
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