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Post Exhaust to Body clearance + heat sheild material

So I am about to have my exhaust fabricated soon and since i like to run my car pretty low I need the pipe to run as close to the body as possible. There's nothing I can really do about the bottom of the manifold (between the front tires) but funny enough Ive found that most of my clearance problems happened on the exhaust pipe right before the rear wheels.

Im thinking I will get it as close to the floor as possible maybe ~0.5" , has anybody had experience with floors getting too hot? Ive been looking at this "Thermo-tec" adhesive stuff on amazon that looks like it will do the job since the stock heat shields wont let me tuck the exhaust in like I need. Any other recommendations for heat shielding material?
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Search for nimbus heatshield, it’s what they make heatshield’s from, not cheap but it does its job well.
You could ceramic coat the entire exhaust?
Personally I wouldn’t worry, my exhaust is mounted with bobbin mounts pretty close to the boot floor and there’s no issues.

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couldnt be bothered to stretch that far to pull it out.
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Yes that's it, it's impossible in the new world of ( if it looks round it is round, but it actually seems like if a round pipe is sqweeze d ! It is still the same flow space! So it's not round what space as the gas to run through? So I recommend to crush it
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I used that fabric type reflective heat shield stuff on the MGTF rather than buy a new heat shield for the cat\exhaust which fell apart when changing the subframe over. Just used high temp spray glue to stick it to the body and it seems to work much better than I expected, with the original heat shield in place it got quite warm in the boot as the direct heat was blocked but airflow still got between the shield and floor from the engine compartment but with the fabric glued in place it's cooler in the boot now so must be doing something.

Must have saved at least a few grams of weight too compared to the original so worth at least another 50hp
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clearance, exhaust, thermotec

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