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Default rev counter cable install issue

just fitted my engine in an allspeed frame, went to drop the rev counter cable in and the frame is in the way, I've now broken the alloy housing the cable has trying to persuade it in, please don't tell me I need to remove/move the engine to get this in, anyone else had this issue?
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i think you mean the speedo cable. I couldn't get mine in after fitting the engine either. I guess it depends if your using the swift clocks then i think you will have to lift the engine out a little to get the cable in.
If your not using the swift clocks then the cable won't do you much good and theres little point fitting it.
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i used the Swift speedo cable and plugged it into a mini 3 dial set and it fits perfect so don't ditch it. I did make my frame though and the gearbox take off for the speedo is still very close to the frame.

Why would they make a frame for a road car where you can't use a speedo cable

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I used Mini clocks and mounted the Swift speed sensor on the back of the Mini clock,worked a treat and had input to ECU as well.
After that,if I was going anywhere,I was running.
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